GoldCity Dental Centre

How long does it take to get a dental crown?

Because many of our patients travel from afar, we believed it was important to ensure that you get the most out of your dental visits. Until the development of CEREC technology, it required a wait time of two weeks to a month for a final dental crown or other restoration.

Today, we create those same high-quality restorations in a single dental visit using CEREC, an in-house ceramic restoration mill. Much like a 3-D printer, CEREC converts your digital impression into a custom dental crown, onlay, inlay or veneer while you wait. You can leave the same day with your final restoration without waiting for a lab technician to create it outside the practice.

You can also expect the same natural-looking and durable restorations you would receive from a dental lab. Our dentists oversee the entire process, ensuring successful CEREC restorations at GoldCity Dental Centre.

From repairing a single broken or decayed tooth to designing a full smile makeover, CEREC is one of our patients’ favourite features because it saves both time and money without compromising on materials or aesthetics.

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