Digital Smile Design

Cosmetic dentistry today takes far more into account than just a few years ago, which is why we utilise the latest technology. Digital Smile Design (DSD) in our Charters Towers dental practice helps to ensure that your smile is not only beautiful but also perfect for you.

How Digital Smile Design Works

Since ideal dentistry is no accident, DSD makes it possible for dentists and technicians to create dentistry that accounts for patients’ expressions, profile, lip structure, midline and buccal corridor (the width of the smile). 

To get started, we will take high-resolution images, videos and 3-D scans of the teeth. These resources help our dentists use computer-aided design to create ideal smiles with proper proportions and accounting for patient preferences.

Benefits of DSD

  • See your new smile before we alter the teeth.
  • Decide on a colour and shade that you like.
  • Preview how your dentistry impacts your profile.
  • Make educated orthodontic choices.
  • Compare different cosmetic procedures.

Your Role in Your New Smile

One of the best features of DSD is that our patients get to play a more active role in their cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. Digital Smile Design helps our dentists create smiles that are healthy with teeth that come together correctly and harmonise with the jaw joints.

Naturally, taking care of our patients’ emotional needs is essential. If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, you probably have a few smiles in mind that you admire. We encourage you to bring pictures and have a discussion with one of our Charters Towers dentists about your goals for your smile.

DSD can help you see different outcomes depending on the procedures you opt to use. 

  • Invisalign outcomes
  • Veneers versus bonding
  • Full smile makeovers
  • Different shades of teeth
  • Different teeth shapes

DSD takes the guesswork out of cosmetic dentistry and helps you visualise the potential of your new smile. With DSD, you no longer have to take a chance on results you are not sure about because you can actually see them before you commit.

Test Drive Your New Smile

Once you and your dentist finalise your cosmetic dentistry plan, we can actually order a “try-in” for you to test drive your new smile. Using 3-D impressions, we can order a mock-up of your cosmetic results that you can place over your existing teeth for a more accurate representation of what your new smile will look like.

Once you approve your dental restorations, our dentists will take the next step in your treatment, and your brand new smile will soon be within reach.

Seeing Is Believing

For cosmetic dentistry using Digital Smile Design in the Charters Towers area, give us a call. Our dentists, Dr Girish Basavaraj, Dr Jason Teoh and Dr Ankita Clarke, all look forward to welcoming you and to helping you have a smile that you love.