Dental Crowns and Bridges

At GoldCity Dental Centre, providing our patients with exceptional dentistry at a great value is the cornerstone of our practice. When patients suffer from a broken or missing tooth, it does not necessarily mean the end of a healthy smile.

Our gentle dentists ensure that patients are comfortable throughout their procedure and that they leave the surgery feeling confident in their oral health. We always present every treatment option to our patients and respect the choice they make for their smiles.

Repairing Broken Teeth

Patients who grind their teeth are at a higher risk of breaking a tooth. Auto and sports accidents or biting into something unexpected also put teeth at risk. Our Charters Towers dentists, Dr Girish Basavaraj, Dr Jason Teoh and Dr Ankita Clarke, proudly offer ceramic dental crowns to repair and protect broken, worn or deeply decayed teeth. 

Crowns cover the tooth structure and protect it from the forces of chewing. In many cases, a dental crown can prolong the life of a tooth by decades. 

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

Because many of our patients travel for several hours to reach our dental practice, providing complete treatment in a single visit is crucial. CEREC utilises computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) to customise durable, aesthetic dental crowns on-site in one appointment.

Rather than requiring sticky impressions, we digitally scan the tooth. The information is then uploaded into our CEREC software. Digital scans determine the size and shape of the dental crown using a concept that is similar to 3-D printing. The dental crown is created out of a single piece of porcelain using our in-house milling machine.

Our dentists then match the colour and shading of the crown to the adjacent teeth for seamless results that look completely natural – all in one visit to GoldCity Dental Centre.

With CEREC, there is no wait time for a final crown. You will leave the practice on the same day with your new, more comfortable smile.

Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

The benefits of replacing a missing tooth go beyond cosmetics. When left untreated, teeth may shift toward the gap in the smile, contributing to bite-related issues, additional tooth loss and sensitive, exposed roots. 

Dental bridges provide a non-surgical solution to replace missing teeth, restoring both the chewing function and the beauty of the smile. Bridges require two crowns on healthy teeth. The two adjacent crowns secure an artificial tooth in place, filling the space left behind by a missing tooth. 

Patients find that they have increased confidence when speaking and smiling, and can eat a variety of foods comfortably.

Because your smile is part of your identity, our dentists design bridges to match the colour and shape of the surrounding teeth for a seamless smile and natural-looking results you can feel proud of.

We Welcome New Patients

We invite you to call us to arrange an appointment. Our friendly and professional team will help you have a comfortable, beautiful smile.