Emergency Dentistry

Why does it seem that dental emergencies always happen at the least convenient times? A painful toothache, swelling and the stress that accompanies an unexpected oral health problem can interrupt sleep, work and busy schedules. 

At GoldCity Dental Centre, we provide effective, gentle and solution-oriented emergency dental appointments. We strive to treat painful dental emergencies on the same day and complete treatment in a single visit. We know many of our patients travel a great distance to reach us and need to make the most out of their dental visits.

When Is Toothache a Dental Emergency?

In short, dental pain is always an emergency. Oral health problems often go undetected until they are quite advanced and involve nerve fibres deep within the tooth. Decay and gum disease often have only mild symptoms – or even none at all – when they first develop. 

The best way to avoid dental emergencies is to maintain your active maintenance programme as recommended by your Charters Towers dentist. Regular dental exams, cleans and diagnostic x-rays help our experienced dentists identify and treat dental issues in their earliest stages. Early diagnosis is typically less costly and less complex.

Common Dental Emergencies We Treat

We will arrange an appointment for any patient who notices a sudden change to their oral health. Some common reasons patients call our dental surgery include:

  • Inflammation of the gums, face or jaw
  • Cracked, broken or fractured teeth
  • Painful teeth or gums
  • Lost or broken dental crowns and fillings
  • Dropped or cracked dentures
  • Damaged partial dentures
  • Bleeding gums
  • Trauma or a knocked-out tooth

It is important to remember that dental pain can come and go, but the condition rarely heals on its own. Dental emergencies require treatment to resolve the underlying condition.

What Is an Emergency Dental Exam?

Unlike a check-up or complete dental exam, a dental emergency exam focuses on the immediate needs of our patients by diagnosing and treating pain-causing problems. 

Palliative dentistry strives to stabilise the condition and give patients the comfort and function of their teeth again. In some cases that have an active infection, root canal therapy can save the tooth and resolve the problem. 

We recommend that you contact GoldCity Dental Centre as soon as you notice that something is wrong with your teeth or gums. By giving us plenty of notice, we can reserve time in our schedule to look after you and give you the attention and care you deserve.

Don’t Let Toothache Keep You Awake at Night

Our caring and professional dental team are here for you when you need us most. We welcome new patients on an emergency basis as well. Call us on (07) 4787 1269 to arrange a dental appointment.