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How much does it cost to remove a tooth?

Rather than risking an incorrect estimate over the phone or via email, we recommend that you contact GoldCity Dental Centre to arrange an appointment. Once our dentists have an opportunity to evaluate your condition, we can provide an accurate estimate for tooth extraction or any other appropriate procedure.

Wanting a tooth extracted is common, especially if you are feeling dental pain or have swelling. We strive to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible because it is often the least complex and most affordable way to preserve your dental health.

In some cases, extraction is the only way to protect your oral health. Wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and teeth that will not respond to root canal therapy or restoration are common reasons for teeth extraction.

We prioritise patient comfort and will take the necessary x-rays to accurately plan your surgery. In addition to providing gentle dentistry, we will also present post-operative instructions to ensure that healing is free of complications.

Avoid smoking or drinking through a straw until your mouth heals. The suction created by these activities can dislodge the healing tissue and cause a painful dry socket.

If you believe you need a tooth (or teeth) extracted, we invite you to call us on (07) 4787 1269 to book an appointment.